Kurt Farm Shop: Small and Unique

The Shop: Kurt Farm Shop
Location: Seattle, WA, USA

We were flipping through a Seattle Met issue listing the “best A-Z of Seattle”. Expecting the I, Ice Cream, to be Molly Moon’s (which it always seems to be), we were instead intrigued to find Kurt Farm Shop pronounced the best ice cream in Seattle. Since we had never even heard of it, we opted to check it out immediately.

Kurt Farm Shop Exterior
Outside of Kurt Farm Shop. Instagram photo credit:

It might take you a few minutes to find it, even with the help of the almighty Google Maps. While most ice cream shops boldly wave their banners in the middle of the sidewalk, Kurt Farm Shop is tucked away almost in a small alley, behind a restaurant and a hipster shop where you’re not actually sure what they’re selling (overpriced interior design accessories and plants, perhaps?).

Instagram photo credit: @k7scott and thank you @kurt_farm_shop for giving us permission to use it!

When you walk in, you are immediately “greeted” by two gigantic pictures of cows. One from the front and one from the rear. They’re actually kind of… cute.

Their ice cream flavors are simple and pure, and there’s rarely a flavor with more than one ingredient. They certainly have unique flavors, such as “Tomato Jam” and “Quince Blue Cheese”, but they also have staples like “Chocolate” and “Jersey Cream”. If someone in your party doesn’t like ice cream (horrors!) maybe they can
peruse the modest cheese selection.

Kurt Farm Shop Ice Cream
Chocolate sorbet and strawberry ice cream at Kurt Farm Shop. Instagram photo credit: @dahyewhatsup

The scoops are small but very creamy and tasty; the pure essence of the flavor really shines through. Our favorite is the “Karamel”, it is a delicious, natural caramel flavor that surpasses any Salted Caramel we’ve ever had.

The Great: Pure and delicious flavors
The Not-so-Great: Small scoops that aren’t cheap
Pro Tip: They have tiny wooden spoons with “Kurt Farm Shop” emblazoned on the handle that are surprisingly cute; save one as a unique souvenir.

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