Kurt Farm Shop: Small and Unique

The Shop: Kurt Farm Shop
Location: Seattle, WA, USA

We were flipping through a Seattle Met issue listing the “best A-Z of Seattle”. Expecting the I, Ice Cream, to be Molly Moon’s (which it always seems to be), we were instead intrigued to find Kurt Farm Shop pronounced the best ice cream in Seattle. Since we had never even heard of it, we opted to check it out immediately.

Kurt Farm Shop Exterior
Outside of Kurt Farm Shop. Instagram photo credit:

It might take you a few minutes to find it, even with the help of the almighty Google Maps. While most ice cream shops boldly wave their banners in the middle of the sidewalk, Kurt Farm Shop is tucked away almost in a small alley, behind a restaurant and a hipster shop where you’re not actually sure what they’re selling (overpriced interior design accessories and plants, perhaps?). Continue reading “Kurt Farm Shop: Small and Unique”

Bluebird Ice Cream & Soda Fountain: A Blast from the Past

The Shop: Bluebird Ice Cream
Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Bluebird Ice Cream Fremont Exterior

As you cross the bridge from downtown Seattle into Fremont, a sign welcomes you: “Entering the Republic of Fremont, the center of the Universe. Set your watch back five minutes.” Fremont is proud of its quirks: the 16-foot-tall Statue of Lenin is only outdone by the 18-foot-tall Fremont Troll, which lurks beneath the Aurora Bridge and clutches a full-size Volkswagen Beetle.

Fremont is a neighborhood that marches to the beat of its own drum. It’s the perfect home for an old-fashioned ice cream “microcreamery” and soda fountain — Bluebird Ice Cream.
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Cupcake Royale: Cupcakes AND Ice Cream!

The Shop: Cupcake Royale
Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Cupcake Royale Red Velvet Cupcake and ice cream
Red Velvet cupcake and ice cream at Cupcake Royale. Instagram photo credit: @cupcakeroyale

When we received a tip-off from a friend that Cupcake Royale in Seattle had amazing ice cream, we were more than a little bit skeptical. We knew they had great cupcakes, but can you really have great cupcakes and great ice cream? Happily, we learned that the answer is yes.
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