About Ice Cream International

Welcome to Ice Cream International! We love ice cream and traveling and hope that you do too. We are currently on a quest to travel the world and find unique ice cream shops, flavors, and techniques, and we want to share all our fun stories with you!

What’s this blog really about? We ourselves want to learn more about ice cream, and other similar frozen desserts, and find unique ideas and inspiration. The key here is “unique”. We are not ranking the “best” places; use TripAdvisor or some recommendation website for that. We do go to these “best” places, they’re normally famous for a reason, but we’ll also go to any shop that happens to catch our eye. We don’t write about everywhere we go, only the ones that stand out, and we’ll try our best to give a balanced assessment of what we liked and didn’t like.

Now, we unfortunately are somewhat resource-constrained, both in terms of time and waistlines. Our current record is ice cream three times in one day; we’re working on improving this. But we have not yet figured out how to visit every city in a country, and every ice cream shop in every city. So we know there are plenty of amazing places we’ve missed, possibly places that you love! So when this happens, send us an email with your recommendations, and we’ll be sure to visit them on the next trip. For that matter, send us your recommendations any time; they’ll help us in our travel planning!

Why did we start this blog? Well, I’ve always loved cooking and baking, but ice cream was always my favorite dessert. Then one day a coworker told me about how much fun he was having with his ice cream maker. I had not known you could buy an at-home ice cream maker. I should clarify, I knew of those terrible ice cream makers for kids where you use salt and have to shake a ball for 30 minutes and it doesn’t really work, but I didn’t know you could buy a good at-home ice cream maker, which uses electricity instead of manpower.

My life was changed forever. Then after buying an ice cream maker, my waistline was also changed, luckily only temporarily until I learned some self-control. More accurately, I invited people over to eat my ice cream instead of eating it all myself.

I shared the good news with a friend, and he got hooked too. As we started researching different techniques and flavors, we realized how much there was to learn! And so we decided to travel the world and share all the amazing places we find. All in the name of delicious, soul-satisfying ice cream.

Let’s dig in!