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We hope to inspire people to try new ice cream flavors, preparation styles, and shops.  We do this by presenting users with stories of ice cream in many different cultures, along with innovative recipes, exclusive interviews, and easy-to-follow technique guides.


Railay and Tonsai, Thailand- Rock Climbing Paradise

If you are a serious rock climber, then the Railay / Tonsai area in Thailand needs to be extremely high on your “must-visit” travel list. A unique climbing culture with an awesome vibe, beautiful scenery, and forty crags ranging from a three to a thirty minute walk from where you’re staying, all make this a veritable heaven on earth for climbers. Where to Stay Tonsai If you’d like to stay at a more hippie/backpackery location, …

Tea, Hiking, and Ice Cream in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The Place: Cameron Highlands, MalaysiaMust Do: Hiking and Tea Plantations Must Eat Ice Cream: Mr. Aisu If you’re traveling around the Malaysian Peninsula, the Cameron Highlands is a nice and somewhat less touristy spot between Kuala Lumpur and Penang.  I spent a few days there and was very happy I did, it has some nice nature and tea plantations that was a nice break from the larger cities in Malaysia.  I was also lucky enough …

Where to get the best Cendol in Southeast Asia

What on earth is Cendol? Cendol (sometimes spelled Chendol) is a shaved ice dessert covered in jelly-like colorful toppings, coconut milk, and gula melaka (palm sugar syrup).  Wikipedia feels the need to clarify that it contains “worm-like green rice flour jelly”, but we think the description sounds better without that detail.  Although it is not inaccurate. Which part of the world can you find Cendol?

About Ice Cream International

Welcome to Ice Cream International! We love ice cream and traveling and hope that you do too. We are currently on a quest to travel the world and find unique ice cream shops, flavors, and techniques, and we want to share all our fun stories with you!

What’s this blog really about? We ourselves want to learn more about ice cream, and other similar frozen desserts, and find unique ideas and inspiration. The key here is “unique”. We are not ranking the “best” places; use TripAdvisor or some recommendation website for that. We do go to these “best” places, they’re normally famous for a reason, but we’ll also go to any shop that happens to catch our eye. We don’t write about everywhere we go, only the ones that stand out, and we’ll try our best to give a balanced assessment of what we liked and didn’t like.
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